Stations are digital workspaces

Station is an independent Digital Workspace. Your company can set up it’s own Station. Setting up a Station is like building a company‘s workspace digitally.


Clusters are groups of Stations

Stations provide user authentication service to the other Stations in the same Cluster. The employee’s business identity is verified by its home Station. A Station can join multiple Clusters. If your company is working with a few other companies on a project, you can create a Cluster to promote collaboration.


Pods are for teams, projects, groups, etc.

In a Station, a Pod is room. Pods are created in Stations and people can be invited to join. Pods are for Teams, Projects, Groups, etc. Pod is equipped with creative collaboration features. Only authorized people can enter the Stations and the Pods. Pod members are people who are invited to the Pod by the Pod manager. Pod members can consist of users from multiple stations.


People have different privileges

People have different privileges in a Station. A user can be an Employee, a Tenant, or an Invitee of the Station. Station manages its Employees’ user identifications. Tenants are users from another Station, and can create Pods in this Station. Invitees can enter Pods they are invited to, but they cannot create Pods, only respond to existing Pods.


People collaborate by sharing Topics

Topics are threads of conversations. A Topic can be started and shared in a Pod. Topics have task management features so you can assign people to a Topic and update the status of the Topic.