More Asian Languages

MAY 4, 2018


Globalization is an inevitable trend. With the development of transportation and ICT (information-communication technologies), political, economic and cultural interdependence among nations is now unavoidable.

There is also a symbolic phrase that describes our global lifestyle, and it goes like this: “New Yorkers are listening to Gangnam style with Chinese earphones, drinking Americano made with beans from Southern America, putting Japanese cosmetics and French perfume in their handbags, wearing shoes made in Indonesia, and going to yoga classes taught by Indian instructors.” Globalization of the economic sector, which is led by the expansion of financial capital movement and market opening, also has a significant impact on corporate management strategies. It is no exaggeration to say that products and services aimed at global markets will enable companies to survive and grow in the long term. Therefore, entering the global market is considered an essential task the companies need to face at some point or another.

The importance of particularly the Asian market is continuing to grow. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicted that Asia’s share of global economic growth will continue to increase, and by 2030 Asian economy will have grown to more than 40 percent of the world’s GDP and become larger than G7 and half the G20. The significance of Asian markets will continue to expand in the global strategy of companies.

Under such economic trend, companies must have a system that enables global collaboration. Supporting various languages and localization have become essential for the establishment of a global collaboration system for businesses.

MotiLink is constantly putting effort to support more Asian languages. MotiLink’s mobile APP will allow you to instantly change the language you are using in your personal settings without changing the system language settings. When using the automatic translation service, which is expected to be available after the orientation, the contents written in one language can be instantly translated into various languages with just a few simple clicks.