Motilink Basics

SEP 2, 2019

Are you looking for better way to communicate and collaborate with your business partners?

Both inside your own organization and in other companies?


If we can move beyond the physical limits of time and space,

Collaboration can become more effective and secure.

Presenting Motilink, the solution for a “Digital Coworking Space”.


With Motilink, you can create and manage a “Digital Coworking Space”. It’s easy and convenient.
Let’s take a look at the three main features of Motilink. 

These are the station, the pod, and the topic.
A station is your digital workspace. Think of it as a building, but a digital one, where people can get together and work together.
In the station, your employees can create pods and invite their coworkers.

Pods can be created on a team level, but also for specific projects, or even for private conversations. 

In pods, you can initiate conversations by creating topics. 
Topics are like feeds on social media.

You can attach files and tag people to whom you’re sending the message. 
You can mark the task status and tag people in charge.
You can pin topics and set instant alarms. 

So you can keep perfect track of your work even in the middle of various conversations.

With Motilink, Communication becomes more flexible.

Digital leadership and management skills evolve.

Great business, great life. Motilink.