Motilink Topics

SEP 11, 2019

Let’s find out how to communicate with topics in Motilink.
A topic is a thread of a conversation. 
You can start a new topic by posting the first message.
In each message, you can attach files and tag people. 
People can share ideas, opinions, and tasks by sharing topics and messages.

You can either share topics to all users or specific users in a pod.
When “Tagged Users Only” is selected, the topic will only be shared to selected users.
It is very useful if you wish to have a private conversation with specific users.

People tagged in the messages, receive push notifications.
To receive push notifications even when you are not tagged in the message, you can set an instant alarm on the topic.

By setting alarms on your important topics, you will be notified for all the new messages of the topics. 

You can mark task status on the topics. Topics with task status mean that there is work to do. With task status, you can tag people in charge and set a due date for the task.

You can pin topics to place them on the top of the list.

Selecting the “Pin for All” option sends a push notification to all members of the pod.
It can be used for sharing important notice to pod members.

Each topic has a unique number. 
Topics can be referred to by their unique numbers.

With this topic number, you can search all the topics and related messages.
Sharing topic numbers with hashtags, helps people to find the topics.

It can be difficult to find the topics you want when there are many topics in the pod.
By applying “Filters” to the topics list, you can solve this problem.
You can search topics and tasks by applying pre-set filters in the pod. 
There is a set of filters available including ‘Notified’, ‘Unread’, and ‘Private’.

Topics in Motilink is a safe, flexible and effective tool for your business communication and management.