Terms of Use

Welcome aboard!

Motilink Inc. (“Company”) has established terms and conditions of use (“This Terms of Use”) to help you understand your rights and obligations easily. You agree to be legally binding under these Terms of Use by accessing or using the Services.

The definitions and interpretations of the terms used in this Terms of Use are as follows:

“Motilink Server” refers to software for servers provided by companies to build online collaboration systems.
“Motilink App” refers to software for wireline and wireless devices, including computers, mobile phones, and other mobile devices, provided by the company to build an online collaboration system. “Station” refers to the unit system in which the Motilink Server is installed.
“Station Service” refers to the service the station provides to users through the MotiLink app.
“Station Operator” means the person or company that operates a station or station service. “Account” means a login account created based on the email address and password required to use Station Service. ”Publish” means posted to Station Services as a message, photo, video, file, or link, consisting of symbols, letters, sounds, pictures, videos, or videos. “Data” means postings, personal information, or other content or information provided in Station Services.
The meaning of terms not defined in this Terms of Use shall follow the definition of privacy policy.

These Terms of Use will be posted for your convenience and the company will notify you in advance of any amendments.

The company may revise this service agreement. In such a case, the company will post a notice on the contents of the amendment, the reason for the amendment, and the application date of the amended agreement on the website no later than seven days before the agreement takes effect. However, in the event of any amendments to the terms and conditions that are disadvantageous to you, the company will notify you of the contents of the amendments and post the contents of the amendments on the website 30 days before the date of application of the amendment so that you can easily understand the impact of the amendments on your rights. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you do not agree with the application of the revised Terms, you may discontinue the service use and terminate the service contract under this Terms of Use. If you continue to use the service after the effective date of the revised Terms and Conditions, you will be deemed to have agreed to these amended terms and conditions.

You can apply for an account.

If you want to use Station Service, you need to apply for an account first. Through an account application, you agree to the application of the Terms of Use, provide your email address, and register your password. Station Operator may refuse to accept your account application if (1)the Station Service has deleted your account in the past, (2)if you have attempted to open an account with the name of a third party, email address, or other person’s personal information, (3)if you do not provide the necessary information or provide incorrect information in the process of applying your account, (4)if there is only legal or justifiable reasons. If your age is below the legal age to which you can apply for an account, your parents or legal guardian’s consent to apply for an account application. If your account is found to be in violation of the terms and conditions mentioned earlier, the Station Operator may prohibit you from using Station Services or delete your account immediately. Your account can only be used by you, not by others. You are responsible for keeping your password safe to prevent others from using your account illegally. If you know that your account has been used by a third party without permission, please contact your Station Operator.

You can use Station Service as intended.

Station Operator grants you a personal, non-transferable, and non-exclusive license to use Station Services in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and the Station Services Policy. The Station Operator has the right to change or discontinue Station Service (or Station Service Plan) or its features or functions in order to improve your experience and the quality of Station Service. In addition, the Station Operator may split the station service and provide each user in whole or in part, depending on the service plan, user status, registered information, or other conditions set by the Station Operator. If there are any significant changes to Station Services, the Station Operator will post the changes to you on the website prior to the change. All rights, wishes and benefits to Station Services and its components (all intellectual property rights) shall be exclusive to Station Operators. You may only access and use Station Services for legitimate and authorized purposes, and you may not abuse Station Services in violation of the method set by the Station Operator at your discretion. For example, you should not interfere with the provision of Station Service or access Station Service using any other method that is not provided or approved by the Station Operator. In addition, you shall not collect, use, or provide information from other Station Service users, post or transmit offensive or pornographic data, violate any third party’s rights and interests (including but not limited to copyright), or otherwise violate any third party’s rights and interests, public order, law, or taste. You must not reproduce, alter, distribute, sell, transfer, lease, mortgage, or permit the use of any part or all of the software contained in the Station Service or Station without prior consent of the company and the Station Operator. In addition, you must not attempt to extract the software source code contained in the reverse design or station service, replicate, disassemble, reproduce, or otherwise change Station Service. If you do not comply with the relevant laws and these Terms of Use and/or with the policies of Station Services, the Station Operator may investigate or temporarily or permanently prohibit your use of Station Services.

Station Operators can use your data to provide Station Services.

In order to provide you with Station Services, the Station Operator needs you to give the Station Operator some rights to your data. For example, Station Services needs to send, store, and replicate your posts to show you and your team members, to index them so you can search for them, to prevent data loss and to create a backup. Similarly, you will publish your personal information on the station (e.g., profile pages) based on the preferences you have set. If you provide data to all Stations and some of their Stations, you will be deemed to have granted worldwide and permanent licenses to the Station and its Station Operators in connection with their use, storage, replication, modification, transmission, disclosure, explanation or public posting, distribution, creation of secondary works, and allowing others to use the data above, as provided by the Privacy Policy. Again, the rights granted to Station Operators in connection with the above licenses will be used only for the purpose of operating, developing and promoting Station Services and developing new services. You must have or acquire all legal rights necessary to grant the Station Operator a license to use the data you provide to Station Services. If the Station Operator determines that the data you provide is in violation of the applicable laws or Station Services policy, the Station Operator may refuse to delete or post the data. However, the Station Operator is not obligated to review all of your or other users’ data. If you believe your rights are violated, you can get help through the Station Operator. Station Service may contain data that is not owned by the Station Operator. In such a case, the user who provided the data shall be fully responsible for the data. Your use of Station Services does not entitle you to the data provided by other users. In order to use data from other users who have become available through Station Service, you must obtain individual permission from the owner of the data.

Station Operators can collect and use information to provide you with better Station Services.

Station Operators may collect, use, and analyze data and other information related to the use and performance of Station Services and related technologies and may make it available for business or disclosed in a statistical or unidentifiable form in connection with the business. For example, a Station Operator can obtain a sum of the number of people accessing Station Services on a particular day, the number of messages sent over a period of time, and other measurements or analyses and share these results. You can find out more about how Station Operator collects and uses your information through Privacy Policy.

You can opt out of your account at any time.

If you no longer want to use Station Services, you can always ask for the cancellation of your account and Station Service contract. In the event of cancellation of the service contract, your personal information will be deleted unless the Station Operator is required to retain your information in accordance with the statutes and/or the Privacy Policy. Postings that you have not deleted will remain undeleted to provide Station Services to the rest of the users.

Station Operators strive to provide reliable service.

Station Operators strive to provide Station Services 24 hours a day and 365 days a year without interruption. However, the Station Service may be temporarily suspended as a result of regular or temporary equipment inspection due to maintenance or repair or other unavoidable causes (force majeure). In this case, the Station Operator will do his best to notify you in advance as far as the situation permits. Nevertheless, to the maximum extent permitted by the relevant statutes, the Station Operator shall clearly deny all promises or warranties relating to anything not specified in this Terms of Use. For example, the Station Operator denies all promises or warranties relating to the specific functionality or effectiveness of the content and services contained in the Station Service, and the Station Service is provided “As Is”. Station Operators are responsible for physical injury to you (a), damage caused by unauthorized access and use of your account or station service by a third party, (3) damages caused by obstruction or interruption of station service by a third party, loss caused by bug, virus, trojans, or similar transmission of data by a third party, or damages incurred by a third party, and/or missing or using the data in the course of the process of using Station Service (5). Moreover, to the maximum extent permitted by the relevant statutes, the officers, directors, partners, employees, agents and advisors of the Station Operators, and their affiliates (collectively “Station Operator’s part”) shall not be held liable for any loss, loss revenues, other indirect, penalty or damage related to the use of station services, even if they were advised ahead of the possibility of such loss or damage. You clearly agree that the sum of all responsibilities for loss and damage on the Station Operator’s part cannot exceed the total price that the Station Operator actually obtained from you.

Contact Information

The Station Operator welcomes your comments and suggestions at any time. You can visit the Station Operator’s website at any time to leave comments and suggestions. Station Operator will send you various news, announcements, and other information by emailing you to the email address you used for your account or by sending you an e-mail message through Station Services. Any announcement relating to all Station Service users will take effect after it has been published for at least seven days. These Terms of Use apply only to the relationship between you and the Station Operator, and the third party will have no right to profit under this Terms of Use. Even if you do not comply with these Terms of Use, this does not mean that the Station Operator has given up his/her rights. In the event that a provision under this Terms of Use becomes impracticable for the purpose of the related statutes, the provision ineligible shall have no effect on the remaining provisions of this Terms of Use and Conditions and shall be ineffective only within the scope of the related statutes.

To be governed by the law and to be tried

Station Services, these Terms of Use and any acts related to them are regulated by the Korean law regardless of the conflict with the provisions of the law. The Seoul Central District Court has exclusive jurisdiction over all acts relating to this Terms of Use, and each party waives any objections to the jurisdiction of the above. Notwithstanding the foregoing, by choosing to access and use Station Service from a location other than South Korea, you have accepted full responsibility as required by all local laws.

Announcement date: September 2, 2016
Effective Date: September 2, 2016