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Coworking is a self-directed, collaborative, flexible and voluntary work style that is based on mutual trust and the sharing of common core values between its participants. Motilink is implementing these values digitally.

Companies need to cowork with other companies and people from outside. It requires security, independence, and inter-operability. Motilink is a solution to build enterprise level Digital Coworking Spaces.


Independence. Build independent workspaces and invite business partners. Improve security and openness at the same time to collaborate effectively. Implement interworking with your on-premises system to achieve more integrated scaling.


Get connected with partners. Build interactive workspace cluster with collaborating companies. Define clearly the ownership relationship of projects and data. Your business identity is verified in real time within the cluster.


Focus on your work. Improve collaboration by providing clear job management capabilities. Provide flexible and collaborative capabilities to enable more business-related communication. An integrated timeline enables accurate job management and creative communication at the same time.


Creative collaboration. Provide a flexible way of communicating to help organizations create creative collaboration. Free communication and clear work management provide integrated collaboration capabilities to prevent them from being disconnected from each other.


Safe collaboration. Separate users can be specified for all collaboration phases, including clusters, stations, pods, and topics. Similar to managing the security of physical space, intuitive security settings are possible. Invite and collaborate with external partners while maintaining security.


Can be used together. Share workspaces by inviting external collaboration partners. Station and Pod permissions can be set differently for each domain or user. Provides user rights management to ensure that collaboration with partners does not compromise the security of the workspace.